Planning Your Visit To Brown Street



Our primary gathering of the week features congregational singing, prayer, prepared music, and expositional preaching of the Scriptures. Typically the English Standard Version is the version used in our pulpit ministry. Our friendly congregation is made up of a variety of people from different ages, stages, and walks of life. Clothing styles are as varied as the people, and you will see casual clothing as well as people in dresses and suits. We encourage you not to be overly concerned about “dressing up”- no one here will give your appearance a second thought!



There are plenty of times for you to learn, grow, and develop relationships with other followers of Christ at Brown Street. Classes for children and teens are divided by age groups to maximize teaching that will help the truths of the Bible be readily grasped and comprehended. Adult classes provide opportunities for continued spiritual development through Bible instruction and discussion, and offer Christian fellowship organized into categories of age, sex, and topics of special interest.

Masks Encouraged

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Sunday evenings are dedicated to a time of corporate prayer. This time together typically includes singing, a shorter Bible message, and a dedicated time for people to pray for one another. 


Masks Encouraged



This gathering on Wednesday evenings is a time for us to spend together exploring a passage of Scripture in more detail, understanding better how we can follow the path God has laid out for us in His Word. Steppin' Up Teens, our ministry to students grades 7 -12,
also meets at this time.


Masks Encouraged



Our Wednesday evening Student Ministry for teens in grades 7-12 utilizes resources from Word of Life Student Ministry.

At Brown Street, we recognize that the teenage years are a crucial time of development and decision. We want to help young people know and follow Jesus in the context of our church community, and seek to accomplish that by…


  • Exposing them to the Bible through regular teaching, practical application and encouraging memorization.

  • Providing frequent opportunities for fun activities to encourage fellowship and mentoring relationships.

  • Developing a mindset of service to God through direction into regular committed service opportunities as well as occasional projects.

A class for teens also meets on Sundays mornings during the Bible Fellowship Hour.


Masks Encouraged



During the school year, Brown Street Kids club meets on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM and includes a Bible lesson, Scripture memorization, and games/activities. Using strong Biblical material, our students gain principles and habits that
will help them learn to walk with Christ for life.

Register for the BSK Awana Club 2021-22 season. 


Students up through 6th grade have classes for their age group that meet Sundays during the Bible Fellowship Hour. We are committed to providing an environment that will be energetic, engaging and enjoyable for your child, ensuring all can learn about Jesus in an age-appropriate way. We also want to assist parents in establishing an understanding of the gospel message. Our Brown Street Kids should be excited about
Jesus, and eager to talk about Him with their families through the week. To assist with this, we utilize material from
The Gospel Project, that helps connects our kids across
age groups in a united weekly theme and shared focus
on the same section of the Bible.



Brown Street is committed to the safety and security of your child.

  • Our volunteers each must go through a background check.

  • Children must go through a check-in and check-out process to ensure they are always in the care of an appropriate, responsible caregiver.

  • Volunteers must attend regular training sessions to keep sharp on both content they teach and procedures for the welfare of their students.

  • Medical professionals are generally present or available on call.

  • A dedicated security team that includes current and former law enforcement officers is active for all scheduled events in our building.

  • Lead teachers are verified members of our church and have been attending for at least 6 months before taking on that role.


During the current health crisis, we want to be mindful above everything else the priorities of Romans 15:5-6"...to live in... harmony with one another... that together (we) may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ." We understand that there are a variety of opinions on face masks and other measures, and if we are not careful conversations can quickly become controversial and divisive. 

Our approach seeks to balance out the different approaches with deference and humility to each other. It may not be perfect, but it is what we believe best helps us maintain unity within our fellowship. We are providing a Socially Distanced Seating Section in the auditorium where rows are spaced out and those seated are asked to wear face masks to show appropriate concern and consideration for each other. We generally do not take active measures to enforce masks, asking you instead to take personal responsibility to exercise care for others and put their interests over your own. Those who wish to wear masks are free to do so free of judgement or criticism.

Thank you for your consideration!