May 21, 8:00 A-12:00 P and May 22, 10:30 A-12:00 P

Relational Wisdom Conference

There is a kind of "smart" that correlates strongly with success in all aspects of life. The Bible calls it “wisdom,” and God promises great blessings to those who pursue it earnestly. God’s wisdom can be applied to all aspects of life and we call these principles that apply to relationships relational wisdom, or simply RW. Relational wisdom (RW) is the ability to discern emotions, interests and abilities in yourself and others, to interpret this information in the light of your personal values, and to use these insights to manage your responses and relationships constructively. If we neglect these disciplines, our lives are often characterized by aimlessness, shallow relationships and conflict. But when we cultivate these disciplines, we are more likely to enjoy deep friendships, intimate and lasting marriages, joyful parenting and fulfilling careers.

Networking Event
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